Pool Side Services

Branding I designed for Pool Side Services. Pool Side is a pool cleaning and maintenance services company based in Tallahassee, FL.
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Angelo’s Barber Shop

Angelo’s is a barber shop on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. The owner, 29 year old Angelo Garcia, is keen to increase his client base and reach out to the amount of foot traffic that moves through the middle of the downtown area. Angelo’s Barber Shop customers are generally men aged 19-45 and are looking for more than just an average haircut. They have a unique style, and are at the cutting edge of fashion and trends Angelo and his team of Barbers prides themselves on providing their customers with an environment which reflects this. Angelo’s is not just a place for a haircut, it’s a place to catch up with friends, hang out, talk about music, art, films, tattoo’s, skateboarding and explore new hair trends.
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High Skies Capital

High Skies Capital is a wealth and management firm that specializes in helping their customers make financial and investment decisions. I had the opportunity to design the branding for a friend of mine. They were looking for something that looked prestige and classy, because in order to deal with other people’s money you need to look the part right? Unfortunately the company never came about due to internal conflicts with the partners involved. I enjoyed working on the project so much that I felt like including it in my portfolio.
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